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Therapeutic Services

A space to be witnessed exactly as you are. To grow, dive deep, and foster a better understanding of self.

 $150/50 minute session

*sliding scale is offered

Can offer a superbill for insurance

Individual Therapy

Couple's Therapy 

A space to foster better communication, understanding, deeper connection, and increase intimacy.

I am a Gottman Level 1 trained therapist, and use their model in couples treatment. 

$200 per 50 minute session

*sliding scale offered 

Can offer a superbill for insurance

Various process therapy groups offered to foster better understanding of self, grow community, and feel supported by individuals with similar experiences.

$50- $75 per 75- 90 minute session.

Group Therapy

Safe & Sound Protocol

A tool to support regulation of the nervous system grounded in Dr. Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory. With SSP, clients engage in passive therapy as they listen to filtered music designed to soothe and regulate the nervous system.

If included in therapy, no additional cost. If interested in this type of treatment alone, full program is $300. 

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