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Nicole Leon

Psychotherapist, ACSW

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I'm Nicole, a psychotherapist in the LA area. I mainly support those who've had experiences of trauma, in particular sexual trauma, dating or domestic violence, generational trauma (especially for the Latine community) and grief & loss. 

My practice is rooted in liberation which means I strive for an ever growing understanding of how various systems of oppression have impacted and continue to impact our collective and individual wellbeing. I continuously try to reduce power dynamics inherent to therapy by gently reminding my clients they know themselves best, and I as therapist serve as a mirror.  

My approach is holistic as I weave a psychodynamic and somatic approach. In therapy we will learn the impact of past events on current ways of thinking, behavioral patterns, and attachment styles. As well as improve connection with the body through somatic interventions such as body-centered awareness and mindfulness practices. 

This practice is a safe space for people of all gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. 

Therapeutic Services 

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Individual Therapy

Couple's Therapy 

Group Therapy

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